Wardrobe Essentials

by | May 11, 2021 | The Style Corner

These 12 items can form the basis of a capsule wardrobe that works for you.

Each one of these pieces work together to create a host of different outfits. It’s very versatile to be worn throughout the year. You have the freedom and creative license to create a capsule wardrobe that works for your lifestyle and style personality.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match some prints to update your outfits. I consider metallics and animal print to a neutral to incorporate it subtly or boldly – depending on your style personality.

Having these items as a base for outfit building will ensure you always have something to wear!

These are the items I recommend as being essential for every wardrobe:


1. Trench Coat

The perfect transitional piece of outerwear.


2. Blazer

Blazers are such a versatile piece in capsule wardrobes. You can dress it up and dress it down for a more casual look. You don’t always have to wear a blazer with matching trousers. Mix and match to generate more outfit options.


3. Button down shirt

Wear a button down shirt on it’s own or layer it over a roll neck. Go for fitted shape or oversized depending on your shape and proportions.


4. T-shirt

A good white t-shirt is a must-have item for my own wardrobe. A v-neck is most flattering for most body shapes especially as some round neck t-shirts can definitely create a boxy look.


5. Black Dress

Audrey Hepburn made the Little Black Dress famous in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But it’s since evolved to become a wardrobe essential.


6. Black Trouser

The black trouser is a fundamental in any wardrobe. It can be used for any look, whether you’re on your way back in to the office or brunch with your friends.


7. Jeans

Denim jeans is probably the most difficult thing for people to shop for because there is so many different styles. My recommendation is always to get a good quality denim in a shape that accentuates your body in the best way possible. So if you feel great in a skinny or straight leg jeans, wear it!


8. Boots

Sparkly heels may look amazing on Instagram but they’re definitely not “essential shoes.” A good leather black boot will stand the test of time. They’re easy to style, comfortable to walk in, and easy to pair with most outfits.


9. Trainers

We’ve seen a rise in a white trainers over the last few years and I don’t think that’s going to stop any time soon. A crisp pair of whit trainers has definitely become a firm favourite in most wardrobes – pandemic or not!


10. Leather bag

If you really want to pull an entire outfit together then having a great classic leather bag is a quick way elevate an outfit.

Remember that you can switch out the colours of these items to suit YOUR personal style. For example, switch out a black trouser for a navy blue one or beige on because that would work best for the items in your wardrobe. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion so have fun with it.

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