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by | Jun 23, 2021 | The Style Corner

Mid-season sales are upon us and I thought I’d share my top tips to help you shop the sales like an expert!

1. Make a wish list of items that you need or want and stick to the list

Don’t get caught up with impulse purchases. I always have a wish list of sorts of items that I want to add to my wardrobe but I want to give myself some time to think about different ways to style the piece and what the item will actually work well with in my current wardrobe. There is various ways of creating a wish list that works for you.

  • Create a board on Pinterest and save the items directly to your board to keep on going back to when you’re ready to purchase.
  • Create a new note on your phone and just save links to your note on the note app.
  • If you’re like me, I group all my online shopping apps into one folder on my phone, within this folder, I have my favourite apps and I browse my wish lists within those apps to check if the items I’ve saved have gone on sale or are on promotion.
  • Another way of checking my favourite pieces on the internet is to follow me on and shop my edits directly from there.

2. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean that you need to buy it.

Ask yourself if you would have paid full price for the item on sale, if not, then it’s not really a bargain. Something being cheap isn’t reason enough to buy it. Save your hard earned money and rather invest in a piece you’ll wear forever. The goal is always quality over quantity when thinking about your wardrobe.

3. Invest in Wardrobe Classics

If you haven’t already, you may want to do a wardrobe detox to make sure the things in your wardrobe are the things that you absolutely love and feel great in (Read and follow my wardrobe edit guide HERE). From this, you should know if there are any gaps in your wardrobe that you need to fill, like perhaps a great coat or a great pair of boots. You can always check out my Wardrobe Essentials blog HERE to see what it is you may be missing in your wardrobe. Now that you’re all caught up, make that list and stick to it. My advice for wardrobe classics is to always invest in great quality items because they’ll last longer than their high street counterparts.

4. Shop for out-of-season staples

If you would like to consider yourself a savvy-shopper then buying a bikini in winter or even a wool beanie in the heart of summer is definitely a good idea. You may be able to find some gems when you shop for things out-of-season. A smart way of doing this is to use the filter function online so that you can filter to find the items you want a lot easier, it also helps that you won’t be tempted to buy just random things.

5. Now could be the time to shop luxury and big ticket items 

This may be the perfect time to score those luxury items that you’ve been lusting after! Last year I got my Grenson Nanette boots for less than half price so be sure to save those big ticket items to your wish list too and keep on checking on them because you could just nap a great deal.

6. Don’t forget about small independent businesses and secondhand sellers

It’s easy to forget about small independent business during this time, even though it’s a more difficult for them to offer big discounts like high street brands but do check in with your faves to see if they have any bargains you can nab and support INDIE and second hand sellers.

7. Make a realistic budget and stick to it

This may seen like common sense but I’m adding it in anyway. Be realistic about what you can afford to spend on sales. Try and prepare in advance so that you don’t get caught up and think that everything is a good deal and end up overspending on things just to say you got a bargain. (Refer to point 1 about having a wish list!) Alternatively, opt out of sales completely. Unsubscribe from emails. Unfollow brands on social media. Protect your space.

I’ve had a look at the current online sales and these are the best deals I’ve found so far. Shop my sales picks directly from the gallery below (post contains affiliate links)


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