Men’s Styling

Whether you find yourself at a meeting or on a date, first impressions always count. With my session in Men’s Styling, you can find the right look for your build and personality that will make you feel both confident and comfortable. Simple changes like incorporating the right colours for your skin tone, and choosing the correct clothes for your body type can make you younger, healthier and highlight your best features.

Each session costs £250 for 3 hours.

What’s included and the benefits:

  • Prior to your Personal Shopping appointment, you are sent a Client Questionnaire to complete.
  • We will have an initial consultation via a phone call or Zoom.
  • You get advice on what clothes that both fit and flatters your physique and proportions.
  • You get advice on how to put complete outfits together.
  • You will gain a clear idea of what colours suit you.
  • You learn how to achieve the perfect fit and when to consider made-to-measure/tailoring services.
  • You will gain skills on how to shop more efficiently.
  • We will work on the creation of outfits to create a capsule wardrobe.
  • You will get recommendations on where to shop for your age, physique, style and budget.
  • You will also be sent a follow up email which includes all my expert tips and tricks that we discussed during our session together for dressing and accentuating your body shape in a style guide personalised for you.

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