My Style Resolutions

by | Jul 11, 2021 | The Style Corner

With more than half the year gone, I wanted to share my Style Resolutions to inspire you to make your own.

I will take stock of my wardrobe every new season
This doesn’t mean a full on wardrobe detox every time because during lockdown, I did the bulk of this when I moved into our new home. I’ve also been really strict about what deserves a place in my wardrobe so I haven’t been impulse buying at all. Every item regardless of price goes through the same round of questions, for example: ‘Do I need this?’ ‘What can I style it with?’ ‘Will I wear this in a few years?’ are just some of the questions I ask myself when considering purchasing new clothing. If you do want a guide on how to do your own wardrobe refresh then read THIS.

I will wear what makes me happy
Life is too short to be saving clothing for special occasions. So I’m not saving anything for best anymore. There is no such thing as being OTT in my book. Take risks with your style but make sure that when you’re trying something out of your comfort zone, that it still feels like you and not you trying to be someone else.

I will make an effort
Sounds simple, but making an effort is key. For the past year we’ve had to make less effort with the way we dress and sometimes I need to remember to go the extra mile with my outfits. I’ve went on a style journey I didn’t think I needed but because my style evolves with me, I’ve tweaked it slightly to represent who I am right now (after living through a pandemic) I’ve figured out that I much prefer natural and quality fabrics to polyester and viscose so I’m no longer buying clothing in those fabrics.

I will buy less 
This simply means I will buy pieces that I will wear year in and year regardless if it’s on trend. The benefit of knowing and understanding my style personality (I’m a creative style personality) is that I’ve honed in what makes me feel great and the shapes that accentuate my shape. I am making more considered purchases – bye bye impulse purchases. I am actively trying to cut down my fast fashion consumption, so making a promise to myself to buy from sustainable and independent brands mostly. A few years ago I used to spend up to £600 a month on fast fashion (Ever since checking my bank balance that month, I implemented a strict budget and would allocate a certain amount to clothing each month.) Fast forward to this year and I certainly don’t spend near that amount anymore nor do I buy as much. Actually, I spend a fraction of what I used to and I have added much better quality items to my wardrobe including luxury items. My aim is to just buy less in general, I think we’ve all realised that we don’t need as much in our wardrobes.

I will get my clothing tailored to fit me better
I am pear shaped and petite so I struggle to find trousers that actually fit me properly at the waist and in length. I almost always have to tailor my bottoms to cinch them in at the waist – being pear shaped means I have a small waist compared to my hips and bum so my trousers and jeans always gape at the back, yet I’m unable to take a smaller size because then it wouldn’t fit around my hips and thighs. Being 5’4 I have to  get my trousers and jeans hemmed all the time. During lockdown I had about 6 trousers that needed to go to the tailor. I promised myself that as soon as restrictions lifted, I would take them to get hemmed. When I got them back its like I had 6 new pairs of trousers. I’m no longer waiting to collect a few things before going to the tailor. I will make the effort to take every new item that needs tailoring straight to my tailor.

I will rent more
You know those special occasion outfits you buy and wear once and then it just lives at the back of your wardrobe for all of eternity? Yeah we all do it! Clothing rental is a huge thing in London and I am absolutely on board with it for special occasion outfits because it saves me money and I’m doing my bit for the planet by being more sustainable. This is something I haven’t done myself yet, for no other reason than I just have had zero special occasions to go to recently but as soon as things start opening up and I get invited anywhere, I am renting the most outrageous dress for the occasion. If you’re keen on starting renting fashion, these are the 4 platforms I’d recommend: Onloan, Rotaro, HURR and By Rotation.


These are things that I currently have on my wish list. I’m slowly making my way through these pieces and adding a piece or two each month to my wardrobe. Shop my wish list directly from the gallery below (post contains affiliate links)


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