Must have boots for the season

by | Oct 27, 2020 | The Style Corner

It’s boot season!

I can’t believe that we’re here already because I can clearly remember relaxing in the park during the Summer in my sandals. I digress, let’s get back to boots!

When it comes to choosing a boot for the season, I would suggest selecting a boot that is going to be able to be worn with the majority of items in your wardrobe. Think about your lifestyle (not the one you think you have, the one you actually have) and ask yourself if the boots you buy this season are fit for purpose – are they comfy? easy to wear? Versatile, so able to be worn with multiple outfits? FYI this post contains affiliate links.

These are the boots I am loving this season:

1. Chunky boot

You all know I love a good chunky shoe and these boots are no exception.

2. Square toe boots.

I love how classic these boots are so they naturally can be styled with everything – dresses, jeans, boilersuits, you name it, you can wear square toe boots with it.

3. Knee-high boots

There is something so chic about a knee-high boot with a mini skirt (very 70s) but also with jeans and a midi/maxi dress. Definitely worth the investment for a good leather pair.

4. Cowboy boots

If you’re not quite keen to go full space cowboy, look for a western-inspired style ankle boot.


5. Hiking boot

The Grenson hiking boot is an ‘it’ brand for hiking boots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try another style to suit your budget.



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