Key trends for Spring/Summer 2021

by | Feb 24, 2021 | The Style Corner

Whether you follow trends or not it’s interesting to see what’s influenced the S/S21 collections for the upcoming season. 

I’ve analysed the latest trends based on how they’d influence my wardrobe and my own personal style.

I would say that my Style Personality is a mix of Creative and Dramatic. I have never met a print that I didn’t like. I mix my existing clothing in my wardrobe with new pieces each season. My style is an eclectic mix of old, new, secondhand, high street and indie brands. I will only embrace a trend if I know that’s its part of my style personality and that regardless of it being on-trend, I would wear it throughout the seasons. Being confident in my own style means that I stay true to who I am and that’s how I help my clients to discover their own style personality through colour or shape or prints that ‘speak’ to them.

For me, my clothing and style is an extension of who I am. It’s a creative outlet and a way for me to express myself (or who I choose to be on that day) to the world without actually having to say anything at all.

Style is an individual and personal thing. Not every trend will speak to you and that is ok. Once you become confident in your style, you will know which trends work for you and which don’t. Actually you may not even follow trends at all. For me it’s always about staying true to my Style Personality. When I see trends, I should be able to picture myself wearing something and feel completely comfortable and thats how I know if a trend is for me. The fact that I still feel like authentically like me. One thing to remember is that you don’t have to follow trends at all, style is different for everyone, as long as you feel great in your clothing, that’s all that matters.

Fashion is circular, so trends always come around again. Nothing that you see is ever brand new but the way we interpret these trends according to our style is the bit that excites me.

The new working-from-home routine definitely influenced what designers created for the new upcoming season. But how do you create a collection when you don’t really know what people will be dressing for in 2021? I think we can all agree that we wear can have an impact in how we feel so I love that some of the trends make getting dressed a joyful experience while being adapted to our very new reality and lifestyles of being home more. With that being said, there’s also an element of OTT dressing for a post-COVID world, that I will be embracing… next time you see me out I’ll be living in a Molly Goddard inspired tulle dress!

Let’s jump into the trends for this season:

1. Loose Denim

We’re moving away from slimmer silhouettes to a more relaxed and slouchy fit for our denims this season. With some even having a 70’s feel to it. As someone who hasn’t worn skinny jeans in more than 10 years, the only thing I can say to this is FINALLY!!! It’s not just trending for denim this season its trousers too! I must admit that even if this wasn’t a big trend this season, I would still be wearing high-waisted wide leg trousers.



2. Feel Good Prints

It’s a YES from me. According to Who What Wear ‘Rainbow stripes became the unofficial motif for 2020, and a symbol of hope and optimism, and so it’s not surprising that this was a reference for designers for SS21.’ Prints in general make me feel like the best version of me. So whether it’s rainbow, floral or animal print I am SOLD!



3. Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves have dominated the runways, high streets and my wardrobe for years now. There’s something romantic and a bit dramatic about a big puff sleeve isn’t there? Being pear shaped, I love a good exaggerated sleeve. Be prepared to see it in dresses, shirts and even trench coats giving it a contemporary twist.



4. Everyday Leather

If it were up to me, I’d wear leather every day. I love how it adds some luxury to  a simple every day outfit. I prefer to go for classic shapes and styles to give it some longevity in my wardrobe. But after seeing the green Ganni dress and shirt, I may change my mind.



5. Relaxed Suiting

This is something that I’ve seen creeping into collections since late last year. We’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future and even when we’re not I think we’re going to have a very relaxed approach when it comes to workwear in the office. Paul Smith had hints of relaxed suiting with wide legs and oversized shirts. His blazers could be worn with the tracksuits in the same collections.



6. Second-skin Tops

Second-skin tops are everywhere this year. Wear them tucked into high-waistlines or as a base layering piece. It’s such a great way to add a layer of interest to a plain outfit or if you’re planning a print clash, then a printed second skin top is a good way to achieve the look.



7. Pink

The stand-out colour for this season is pink. We saw an explosion of watermelons, fuchsias and hot pinks in the SS21 collections. Pink is associated with compassion, caring, nurturing and unconditional love. Pink is romantic, feminine, caring, thoughtful and affectionate. Pink is a colour that offers hope, it inspires warm and comforting feelings and shows tenderness, empathy and kindness from the person wearing it. Pink is a soft, gentle colour that calms and reassures our emotions and alleviates negative feelings. 

Pink is a cool colour, having more blue in it and virtually no yellow. It is therefore a difficult colour for the warmer seasons to wear well – As an autumn, I don’t have a pink in my season but that won’t stop me from wearing pink, I normally go for the brighter hues.



8. Bralettes

Now I know this is going to be a total marmite trend but I absolutely love it – Underwear as outerwear! Do you remember when a picture of Katie Holmes in a knitted cashmere bra and cardigan set went viral? I haven’t stopped thinking about it and how I can recreate something similar this Spring. My favourite variation of this trend is definitely in a co-ord of sorts, whether a cardigan and bralette set or a high waisted trouser and bralette set. I totally love seeing OTT bralettes being worn over dresses but they look amazing on other people but I know I couldn’t pull it off.



9. Chunky Loafers

So not really a runway trend but if you’ve been on Instagram for more than 5 minutes in the last few months you would have seen all the cool girls wearing the Prada chunky patent loafer. The sold out almost as soon as they were released and there’s no update from Prada on whether they’ll be restocked. I envy them on everyone else, but I know that its just not something I could pull off. So  I will be taking my own advice for this trend and will be be admiring it from a distance.



I’d love to know which trends you’re loving this season xx


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