5 Day Style Challenge

by | Feb 8, 2021 | The Style Corner

At the beginning of February I ran a 5 Day Style Challenge. A fun easy way to fall in love with getting dressed again.

The purpose of the challenge was to inspire anyone who is in a style rut and need some serious inspiration for getting back their style groove. There was no need to buy anything new for the challenge because we were shopping our current wardrobes. I thought I would write a blog post in case anyone wanted to do the challenge in their own time, they’d have all the information they need in this post.

The 5 Day Style Challenges in a nutshell:

Day 1: We all have something in our wardrobe that either still has the tags on them because we loved it when we bought it but didn’t know how to wear it when we got home OR you’ve worn something once and then it hasn’t seen the light of day since then. I want you to dust off those pieces and show them off today!

PRO TIP: Always have all the items in your wardrobe visible. That way you won’t forget about clothing that you own and nothing will go unworn.

Day 2: Today’s challenge is simple, wear jeans (or trousers) and a nice top. This is such a simple one but for some reason, we struggle with to style separates. The key to this is finding tops and bottoms that are the perfect cut for your shape and proportions.

PRO TIP: Why not try new style jeans that you haven’t worn before

Day 3: Today’s challenge is all about jewellery. There isn’t any right or wrong options here. You can go bold, or keep it simple. Wear them all or wear just a few. Whatever you decide, jewellery is a great way to finish off any outfit.

PRO TIP: If you have a cool skin tone stick to silver jewellery and if you have a warm skin tone then go for gold

Day 4: It’s all about colour. ‘The colour of our clothing serves as a signal to others; it tells them who we are.’
I want you to wear a colour that makes you feel amazing and brings you joy. We all have something colourful in our wardrobe that whenever we wear it, we get positive comments about it. Wearing the correct colours for your skin tone can actually make you look younger and will bring out your best features.

PRO TIP: An easy way to incorporate colour into your outfits is by having colourful nails or you could incorporate colour with accessories such as a headband or a scarf

Day 5: YAY! We’ve reached the final day of the style challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge as much as I have and that you have a renewed energy for your personal style.
I wanted to end off the challenge with embracing wearing print. It could be animal print, florals, gingham or anything quirky!
BONUS POINTS for a print clash ? A fail-safe way to clash a print is to make sure that there is a matching colour in each of the prints!

PRO TIP: Make sure that the size of the print doesn’t overwhelm you. You want people to notice you before they notice the print that you’re wearing.

The #5DayStyleChallenge was so much fun and it inspired me and everyone who took part to get dressed and to never save anything for a special occasion. If the pandemic has taught me anything its that you can definitely wear your Sunday best to go grocery shopping on a Tuesday morning 🙂

If you are joining The 5 day Style Challenge in your own time, don’t forget to use the #5DayStyleChallenge hashtag when sharing to your social media channels. Happy Dressing x


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